Wednesday, 6 September 2017

What is the dynamic unconscious of psychoanalysis? What vision does psychoanalysis offer of the inner life? When does psychoanalytic reason stumble, and when is it traduced by its critics? How do our intimate self-experiences relate to the theoretical constructions of psychoanalysis? What is the goal and process of psychoanalytic psychotherapy? What contribution can psychoanalysis make to the intellectual life?

Reflective enquiry on unconscious life naturally moves between the first-personal, the psychological, and the philosophical. We’ll make a start in Michaelmas Term 2017 by considering: the nature of the unconscious, what it is to come to know oneself, and what it is for self-knowledge to be transformational. 

Each seminar will consist of a presentation followed by a discussion, and will presuppose prior reading of the text for the week. They’ll be pitched at academics, graduate students and psychotherapists with an interest in depth psychology and critical reflection.

Enquiries to the Convener: Richard Gipps